About Us

Ronas Machine is a proud CNC machine shop located in Homeworth, Ohio. Jacob Sanor started the shop to feed his passion for machining challenging parts and an interest in business. After purchasing a shop in October 2019 and steadily compiling tools and equipment for two years, in April of 2021 it was time to hit cycle start. Having years of experience servicing machine builders at past shops with the occasional fun and challenging prototypes, we knew exactly how to serve these two niches with white glove treatment. Turning around CNC machined prototypes in 5 working days showed us another niche, short run production, making 100 to 1,000 parts at a time. We have been proud to serve a wide range of industries ranging from machine builders, robotics and automation, firearms, automotive, aerospace, packaging, medical, and all around general machining. We are very happy with what we could do for our customers in the first year and half in business and are working hard to add more capable machines along with talented people to make sure we can meet any challenge our clients present us with.